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WHOOP's SVP of Data Science & Research talks HRV, stress & Whoop's secret sauce

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WHOOP's SVP of Data Science & Research talks HRV, stress & Whoop's secret sauce

Emily Capodilupo explains why zebras don't get stressed

Welcome to another paid edition of PULSE by Wareable – and this is one we’ve been dying to make.

This week’s podcast is with Emily Capodilupo, the Senior Vice President of Data Science and Research at WHOOP.

We sat down to talk about Whoop and its plans, how it’s evolved stress tracking, and the potential for wearables to be active partners in mental health.

Making the podcast has proven technically more challenging than we expected – and it’s tough to control environmental factors when you’re dealing with busy schedules, and recording across time zones.

There are some audio issues with this one – and we’re working on getting PULSE up to a higher standard. I don’t think it takes away from a fascinating chat.

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Emily Capodilupo: Key takeaways

Emily Capodilupo is one of the original Whoop team from 12 years ago

How Whoop developed its algorithms and understands its customers:

Many of the algorithms and the core of the sleep, strain, and recovery metrics are still largely unchanged from the beginnings of Whoop.

Emily talks about how Whoop was developed and how they collected data from athletes to build the models – calling in favors to get Harvard athletes to use Whoop in return for pizza and physiology lessons.

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PULSE by Wareable
PULSE by Wareable Podcast
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